Galvanized Vs. Black Annealed Auto Tie Wire: What’s The Difference?

As one of the leading distributors of auto tie wire, steel strapping, and stainless steel wire mesh, Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has consistently been providing our customers with top quality steel products for over 70 years. After years of helping businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio fulfill their steel product needs, we’ve noticed that some of our customers have trouble understanding the difference between our galvanized and black annealed auto tie wire. Therefore, we’ve created this guide to help our customers better understand the difference between the two so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing our auto tie wire.

What is Auto Tie Wire?

Auto tie wire is a baling wire that is specifically used in automatic tie balers which are commonly used in the recycling industry to tie bundles of compressed plastic, metal, paper, and a wide range of recyclable materials. The origins of baling wire can be traced back to the 18th century, where farmers commonly used the wire for everything from simple repairs to manually binding bales of hay and cut grass. With the introduction of auto tie balers wire, the baling process has been transformed making it more sophisticated and efficient. Let’s take a look at two types of auto tie wire that are popular amongst business owners.

Galvanized Baling Wire

The process of galvanizing steel entails adding a layer of non-corrosive material (usually zinc) over steel to protect the metal from the effects of the elements which can cause the steel to corrode over time. Zinc is commonly used in the galvanizing process because it does not react to environmental factors like steel does. One of the galvanized baling wire’s biggest appeals is that it is versatile and can be used in a number of applications.

Black Annealed Baling Wire

During the annealing process, the baling wire is heated and cooled to alter the physical and chemical composition of the metal. Annealing helps to remove some of the hardness of the wire making it more flexible which is a very useful property for bailing wire. Black annealed baling wire is ideal for the conduction, agriculture, and recycling industries because it is extremely durable and can withstand extreme pressure and environmental conditions. A thin layer of oil can be added to the wire to help it pass through automatic baling machines more easily.

If you still need help pinpointing which auto tie wire is right for your job, please contact Wickwire Warehouse Inc. at 1-800-419-6720 as we carry a large inventory of both galvanized and black annealed baling wire in a variety of types such as auto tie wire and single loop bale ties. Our team of experts will help you track down the right baling wire to fit your business needs.