The Black Steel Strapping Tools Your Company Needs

As the most durable and versatile strapping material on the market, black steel straps hold their shape and remain taut and strong for much longer than the plastic alternative. Steel strapping allows shippers to secure construction materials and heavy loads to truck beds with limited risk of breakage or loss. Additionionally, steel trapping is resistant to rust, corrosion, weather, and extreme temperatures, so it is best to use steel to secure heavy industrial materials for cross-country transportation. You can learn more about strapping materials here. 

Although steel is generally considered the best strapping material, you cannot just buy black steel straps and call it a day — you need the right tools to ensure that the straps do their job correctly. At Wickwire Warehouse Inc., we are Philadelphia’s leading steel strap supplier, and we have the straps and the tools necessary for success. Here are a few of the strap tools we have available: 

Strap Cutters

It’s rather self-explanatory, but worthy of explanation nonetheless: Strap cutters are used to cut light- to medium-duty steel and galvanized steel strapping. They can cut strapping to length, trip strap ends, and cut the strapping off the loads after shipping. Our strap cutters come in various sizes to match the widths of the strapping you use, from ½” to 2″.

Strap Tensioners 

Steel strapping is useless without tension. Just like using a rubber band instead of a loose string, steel strapping must cinch its products tight to guarantee little to no movement. With our steel strapping tensioners, you can feed the strap into the manual tool and crank it until the strap is tight and the materials within are secure.

Strap Sealer/Crimpers 

Once the steel straps are in place and as taut as possible, you need a tool to seal the straps, so they don’t come undone or fall off. At Wickwire Warehouse Inc., our strap sealers/crimpers are manually-operated and easily transported to the warehouse or worksite. They can crimp steel strap joints from ½-inch to 2 inches wide, securing them in place. 

While steel strapping is excellent for securing heavy materials, it is also useless without cutters, tensioners, and sealer/crimpers. For affordable, industrial-grade steel strapping, strapping tools, and even stainless steel wire mesh in PA, OH, and NJ, call us and place an order today!

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