The Storied History of Baling Wire

In the modernized world, baling wire is an absolute essential. Spanning continents, farms, businesses, municipalities, and industries, baling wire brings its strength, malleability, and versatility to any application. Crucial as it is today, baling wire is certainly not an innovation; but rather, a storied, and invaluable resource—evolving with every passing year.

The Advent of the Baling

Circa the 19th century, baling wire made its debut on the world market, commandeering an enviable role in the agricultural industry. Usage of the material was limited, up until Charles Withington invented a prototype of the baling press. Given the technologies and realities of 1872, the baling press did not function as it does today. Indeed, like the carriage and buggy, the baling press required horse-drawn power in this era.

Progression of the Baling Press

Initially, the baling press saw itself utilized to secure bundles of hay. As hay loaded into the press, it would be ejected and sorted out as bales; then manually removed and shaped into a more storable form. Back in the year of 1872, and entering the 20th century, this method of baling was by no means efficient or without its criticisms. In those days before our trucks and automobiles, baling wire was not nearly as strong or as durable as it’s manufactured to be today. Being less reliable, the material posed safety concerns to wielders, operators, and animals alike.

The Modernization of Baling Wire

Ushering in the world that we know today, the inventions of the 20th century transformed every industry and technologies like baling wire. The process by which farmers utilized this material vastly grew in their sophistication, and efficiency. Paired with motored machinery, baling presses became even more ubiquitous, and useful. Replacing horses with even more grace, tractors automated much of the baling and haying process. By the festive 1960s, the agricultural industry of PA was looking greener as ever, thanks to baling wire twine. Outside of the farm, baling wire lent itself to repair work. In fact, these days baling wire is no longer secluded to the agricultural industry but finds itself utilized in any officiated construction, waste, and recycling process.

It’s for this, and a million family memories, that we proudly serve as distributors of baling wire across Philadelphia, and the United States.