What Can You Use Our Stainless Steel Wire For?

If you’re searching for quality, dependable stainless steel wire mesh, or simply stainless steel wire, you’ve come to the right place. For the past several decades, Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has served as one of the leading providers of all types of wire products, and we’ve also distributed them to customers who work in a variety of industries. In fact, here is a brief overview of the stainless steel wire products we provide, and what they are most commonly used for:


There’s no doubt that our stainless steel wire is ideal for conveyor belts that work under extreme temperatures. Furthermore, they are also perfect for any industrial baking and drying ovens.

Baskets and Kitchenware

Are you searching for something suitable for the creation of metal baskets and kitchenware? We have stainless steel wires available both in a bright and a matte finish. Plus, we have some fit for electropolishing.

Medical Devices

Our wire products are commonly used to create medical carts, bassinets, diagnostic applications, and all kinds of over medical equipment. If you weren’t aware, stainless steel is regularly used in the creation of medical devices because it’s durable and easy to clean (which limits the risk of cross-infection). At Wickwire, we know that our medical industry customers want wire products that will ensure they have the best medical instruments, so this is precisely what our products will do.

Caging and Fencing

Our stainless steel wire mesh is available in a variety of size openings and diameters that are excellent for any caging or fencing you may need to construct. In addition, did we mention that it can stand up well to very high or low temperatures?

While there are many reasons you should choose Wickwire Warehouse Inc. as your wire supplier, two of the best are that our products are available for great prices and they ship fast. We can ship our products to anywhere in the United States, and if you have questions about them or where we can send them to, you can give us call.

We are even in the process of expanding both our customer service and sales team to better serve the demands of our customers! So, if you want wire products now, you can rely on Wickwire Warehouse Inc.