A Brief Guide for Tying Baling Wire

Whether manually tying baling wire or using a machine, always wear protective eyewear, thick work gloves, and proper clothing to avoid getting hurt by snap-backs or sudden breakages. In addition, be aware that the lower quality of baling wire you use, the more likely it might snap while tying it or break after you have bundled material.

Tying Baling Wire Using a Vertical Machine

Take one end of your baling wire and feed it through designated holes at the bottom of the baler’s plunger. At the back of the machine, feed the end of the baling wire around the material you wish to compress. Then, continue feeding the wire through identical slots at the bottom of the machine. When finished, you should have both ends of the baling wire in front of the machine.

The next step is to push the end of the baling wire through a ready-made looped end. Remove most of the slack by pulling on the wire. However, leave a little slack to allow the bale to tighten safely once it is completely tied.

Although these are basic instructions for using a standard wire baling machine, always check machine specs to make sure you are performing each task in the proper sequence. For example, some baling machines require operators to connect cables needed to eject bales. Others don’t need a manual connection of cables because this is done automatically at the end of the cycle.

Tying Baling Wire Manually

Depending on the materials that need bundling, you might be able to use a handheld, bale wire tying tool that does most of the twisting work. These tools come in different sizes to accommodate different types of baling wire and materials.

Knowing the difference between lower gauge and higher gauge baling wire is helpful when deciding to use a tying tool or a machine. Lower gauge baling wire (about 10 to 11 ga) is stronger and thicker than higher gauge baling wire (12 to 14 ga). Recycled cardboard and paper materials typically do well with higher gauge, while metal products would need lower gauge baling wire.

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