Wire Suppliers

Welcome to Wickwire where you will find all the steel or alloy wire products you need for your next wire forming job or wire project! If you happen to be in the market for single loop baling wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel rods or wire, or stainless steel wire mesh. We are here to help! Our full line of products includes bale wire, steel strapping, galvanized, annealed, bright basic, and stainless steel wire products. We pride ourselves on being a family business dedicated to providing our customers with superior quality products at the most competitive rates in the market.

Our Company consists of 3 divisions: Wickwire Warehouse, Inc, Parade Baling Wire, and United Roll Form.  At The Wickwire Family of Companies, we are proud of our longstanding reputation of providing quality service and reliability with our full line of wire and steel products. We are committed to stocking the material you need and assisting you with our technical expertise to assure you the consistent service our customers have enjoyed for over half a century!

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We Are Wickwire Warehouse / Parade Strapping and Baling

In the manufacturing and wire forming industry, nothing is more basic than steel wire. Wickwire Warehouse / Parade Strapping and Baling, Inc. of Philadelphia has earned a reputation as one of the top wire sources in the nation. Wickwire/Parade is a distributor of all sizes and shapes of carbon steel wire and rods, including galvanized, annealed, and stainless steel wire products.

Stainless Steel Wire Distributors

For over 70 years, we have filled thousands of orders on steel wire products including stainless steel wire mesh, bale wire, black steel banding, and others, providing excellent customer service in the process. With our extensive inventory, we provide customers and other suppliers with one of the largest selection of steel wire products and bale wire in the PA, NJ, and OH areas as well as states up and down the East Coast. We also will ship nationwide if our customers require it.

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Wickwire/Parade’s suppliers of stainless steel wire, single-loop bale tie wire, and steel banding are the top mills in the industry. With the products we distribute around the nation, we continue to raise the bar on the standard of excellence in our industry. Other suppliers just can’t compete.

Bale Wire Suppliers

Our company consists of three divisions: Wickwire Warehouse, Parade Strapping & Baling, and United Roll Form. All three divisions distribute our products from our suppliers primarily in PA, NJ, and OH. Parade specializes in bale wire, single loop bale tie wire, and steel banding. Bale wire and single loop bale tie wire are utilized in a variety ways. They can be used for many recycling applications, vineyards, and tying bales consisting of various materials. United is our manufacturer for roll form products.

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Many suppliers that produce steel wire cannot meet the time lines or small requirements that our customers require. That is why our service provides quick turnaround time, getting the product to the customer faster than ever before. Even though we make sure to ship our bale wire and other products out quickly, we are still able to exceed industry standards for reliability. It may seem hard, but it’s not. Wickwire/Parade continues to thrive as we move into the 21st century. Our employees are excited about our future and the future of business in general. Like so many other people in the distribution business, we love what we do. And if you love something, the work comes easy! If you share the same love we do of high-quality products and first-class customer service, then contact us today!