Fun Facts About Steel Strapping

Businesses that use steel strapping regularly probably don’t think much about the tools of their trade. After all, when you’re packaging large amounts of material for transportation or storage, there are things like worker safety, logistics, and proper care for your baling machines to consider.

However, there’s a story behind the little black strap that helps keep your business running. Here are a few of the fun facts about steel strapping you might not be aware of:

It Shares a Heritage with Cultural Icons

Steel straps can be considered one of the more mundane aspects of life, but they actually share a heritage with famous structures around the world. Steel has been used in structures like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, and other sites where tourists often flock.

Of course, given how versatile steel is, it’s not particularly surprising that it’s a common ancestor for so many different places of importance. Still, it’s worth keeping in mind when your baling machine is turning out perfectly bound blocks of materials.

It’s Highly Durable

You’ve probably heard plenty of times that steel is an excellent material because of its durability, but it may not be altogether clear what that means. Yes, steel is a hard surface that can withstand a lot of punishment, but did you know that it’s highly resistant to extreme swings in temperature?

Steel strapping can be used in various conditions that more traditional materials wouldn’t be able to endure. Your steel straps will continue to do their jobs even if they’re subject to:

  • Extremely high temperatures
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Underwater

This level of durability can be immensely useful to your business because you’ll always be sure that your straps will hold no matter where they’re stored.

It’s Green

Steel straps are a material that business owners can use that doesn’t leave a massive carbon footprint. The steel used in strapping can be recycled easily and still retain its highly durable properties after it’s recycled.

Furthermore, steel is often used in green technologies, making it even more carbon neutral. Wind turbines, solar panel systems, and more use steel components to operate, and when using recycled steel, can further reduce the amount of waste in manufacturing processes.

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