The Versatile, the Flexible, the Humble Baling Wire

On a list of overlooked things in the modern world, you would probably see the Miami Dolphins, leeks, and the ubiquity of electricity; but, on the top of our list is the unassuming baling wire. As a leading steel wire manufacturer and distributor on the East Coast and in the Midwest, we know a thing or two about this shiny metal miracle.

This all-purpose steel product never really had the most glamorous life, nor has it ever been a favorite topic of conversation at dinner parties, but it cannot be denied that baling wire is one of the most useful and under-appreciated materials of the last two centuries.

Ever since the 1800s, baling wire, or soft wire as it is also known, has been used primarily in the agricultural industry, chiefly for making hay bales by hand. The convenience of this wire and the added productivity that the industry enjoyed from this product was revolutionary. This impressive wire continues to be enhanced to meet our modern needs; and, though the agricultural sector still uses baling wire today, other non-agricultural uses have also cropped up.

So, you may be wondering what the functions of baling wire are in today’s world. Well, in order to properly speak to that, we must first briefly discuss the make-up of the wire and the various processes it goes through in order to come out strong and shiny.

The reason why baling wire is also called soft wire is that it is an extremely durable yet flexible metal product that is easily cut and manipulated for various uses. As previously mentioned, this wire has been enhanced by modern technology for our contemporary needs. Baling wire is frequently galvanized with a non-corrosive material (usually zinc) which provides protection from the elements. It can also be annealed, which is when the metal is heated and cooled, making the wire more flexible, durable, and able to withstand incredible pressure and extreme environmental conditions.  

Instead of just holding together bales of hay and produce, baling wire is now used all over the world to secure blocks of paper, plastic, and metal materials at recycling centers and compact and strap corrugated cardboard in the backroom of your local retailer. But wait, there’s more! Baling wire is also a widely-used ad hoc all-purpose product on par with duct tape and positive thinking. It is used as a cost-effective and dependable means of fixing chain-link fences and holding up loose car mufflers! Baling wire is also used for rock and wall retention, and for crafting chicken coops, wire baskets, and medical and food preparation equipment.

At Wickwire, we are the champion the little guy: baling wire. With its variety of uses, its impressive strength, and its flexibility, we are in awe of this simple metal wire, and we strive to always produce and sell only the highest quality baling wire to our many valued customers. So, please let us be your go-to for supplying baling ties in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio region.