What is Gauge in Baling Wire & How to Choose the Right Size

Small bales of corrugated cardboard held together with baling wire.

If you work in agriculture or the recycling industry, you understand the importance of baling wire. Baling wire allows you to move materials around easily. When you have the proper bale tie size, you save money, and it is less time wasted down the road. 

Wickwire Warehouse is a top baling wire supplier near PA that has been trusted for years to provide the right advice for choosing the right baling wire size. Before we discuss sizing, let’s go over another crucial part of baling wire: the gauge.

What is a Wire Gauge?

A wire gauge can be described as the thickness of a wire. It is crucial to pick the suitable baling wire with enough gauge to make sure it can handle whatever job it needs to do. Something that can be confusing for people is how gauge wires are labeled: the smaller the number, the thicker your wire will be. For example, a 12 gauge wire will be thicker and stronger than a 14 gauge wire. 

Why the Right Size Matters

When you are deciding on different types of baling gauges, it is crucial to consider the type of baler you are using, the material you are baling, and the various dimensions of your bales.  

Vertical and Horizontal

Depending on if you are using a vertical or horizontal baler, the kind of gauge you will need will vary. With vertical balers, you could require a gauge wire ranging from 12-14, while the baling wire gauge for a horizontal baler will be as thick as 11-13. 


Materials like newspaper and corrugated cardboard that are usually packaged with a baler impact the bale tie size you need. The two examples we just mentioned can be fine with a thin 14 gauge wire, but other thicker materials will require a 10-11 gauge wire. 

Getting the Right Dimensions

This is an important step that shouldn’t be missed. It is essential to get the proper measurements on your baler to know the right length of your bale tie and the thickness of the gauge you will need. To get the proper dimensions for vertical balers, measure the width and height of your bale. For horizontal, measure width and length.

The Best Wire Suppliers in PA

Picking out the right bale tie size doesn’t have to be hard! The professionals at Wickwire Warehouse can ensure you will find the best options available from our baling wire gauge selection. As leading steel wire suppliers in PA and the surrounding areas, we know you will be satisfied with our service and products! Contact us today for more information!