Why Are Bale Ties Essential?

When it comes to rubbish, the general public doesn’t think twice about what happens on an industrial scale. We throw our garbage in bins, sort our recycling out, and try to minimize waste — but anyone who works in a warehouse-like environment knows the importance of the baler. Whereas most unsorted waste goes into landfills, the trash that’s been sorted correctly gets taken to recycling centers for resale. Read on to find out what happens to resold waste and why baling wire is an unsung hero.

What is Bale Tie?

Bale tie is a binding tool used for large bundles of cardboard, plastic, aluminum, paper, and other recyclable products that get compacted by a baler machine. Whether you use a vertical baler or a horizontal baler, bale ties hold it all together. Not only does this increase operational efficiency and save space within your organization, but it also contributes to a more practical approach to recycling.

Packaging and COVID-19

Bale ties have never been as essential as they are now, in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Recycled waste is in high-demand as essential products like hand sanitizer, toilet rolls, face masks, hand soap, and cleaning agents are in greater demand than ever before. By baling up your waste and sending it off to be resold, you’re helping to keep people safe during these unprecedented times.

Safe Storage

Space is at a premium for everyone, and every business owner knows the importance of a smooth-running operation. Baling your recyclable products lets you store them in a manner that saves space and reduces the need for manpower as the baling machine does the heavy lifting and crushing.

Saving the Planet

The importance of reusing materials where possible is undeniable. There’s no need to deplete the environment if we can safely and practically recycle — and by baling waste, you’re making the planet a better place for future generations.

Find Bale Ties in PA

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