4 Facts About Stainless Steel You Might Not Have Known

As a leading provider of stainless steel wire mesh for businesses throughout the United States, we’re proud to provide quality products to hundreds of companies. We offer a range of stainless steel products for commercial usage which includes stainless steel rods, spring wire, wire for medical devices, wire for conveyor ovens, and cable wires. 

Below, we’d like to shed light on some interesting facts about stainless steel that you may not have known before!

It Can be Recycled

Steel is one of the most recycled materials on Earth. Statistics released from the American Iron and Steel Institute claim that 88% of the planet’s steel is recycled. Over 60% of new steel is made using old steel. The steel industry is known for manufacturing steel byproducts. These include steelmaking slags, mill scale, and processing liquids. Dust and sludge recovered from steelmaking can be reused to create zinc and other metals.

Stainless Steel Can Stain

Although stainless steel can resist oxidation and corrosion, the protective film that coats the metal can break down over time. Once this film has deteriorated, it can lead to corrosion and pitting. To adequately maintain stainless steel, the surface of the metal must be cleaned regularly to guarantee that that the steel receives an ample supply of oxygen.

Stainless Steel Contracts and Expands

Due to its high-temperature oxidation resistance, stainless steel is a popular material in both the aerospace and nuclear industries. Although this metal has a much higher resistance than other alloys, it still contracts and expands with changes in temperature.

Construction companies must consider this when they are creating steel frames for buildings. Even the Eiffel Tower can shrink up to six inches during the winter months!

Stainless Steel Can be Worn and Woven

Stainless steel is a very malleable metal. For this reason, it can be pulled into wire and still maintain its durability. Many stainless steel manufacturers create steel mesh that is fine enough to be woven into clothing and worn. In the tech industry, these threads of stainless steel even help to create touchscreen gloves. These gloves can conduct electricity by mimicking the electrical current of a finger.

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