Exceptional Quality Stainless Steel Wire Mesh at Affordable Prices

If you do business in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, or the surrounding areas and you’re in need of stainless steel mesh wire that fits within your budget and is delivered quickly, look no further. You’ve arrived at the ideal destination to buy stainless steel wire.

As a leading supplier of stainless steel mesh wire, Wickwire Warehouse offers the highest quality stainless steel wire and rods, with excellent pricing options on both coil wire and orders cut to size. We have built a stellar reputation in our industry over the past 70 years, supplying stainless steel wire to manufacturers of:

  • Display racks
  • Wire forms
  • Hangers
  • Lampshades
  • And more!

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Our minimum price on standard coil items is $250, and $300 for straightened and cut orders. Please feel free to call our customer service department anytime to inquire about current lead-times or to place an order for stainless steel mesh wire, stainless steel rods, or baling wire.

Stainless Steel Mesh Wire for Conveyor Dryer Ovens

Stainless steel wires are often used for conveyor belts that operate at high temperatures. Our stainless steel mesh wire is particularly suitable for these applications. We are the go-to stainless steel wire suppliers for wires both in coils on carriers or cut to size.

Our stainless steel wire is ideal for manufacturers of conveyor ovens, industrial baking ovens, drying ovens, and more. Contact our steel wire suppliers today for more information about our products.

Stainless Steel Wires for Custom Wire Forms

We distribute stainless steel mesh wire that is utilized to provide a wide variety of customized wire forms — anything from automotive wire forming to welded wire assemblies. Our stainless steel wire is sure to meet the needs of any manufacturer of wire forms in PA, NJ, OH, and across the nation.

Cable/Rope Wires

Generally, type 304 & 316 are suitable grades for stainless steel wire ropes. As leading suppliers of stainless steel wire, Wickwire Warehouse offers ropes in a variety of lengths and diameters.

Stainless Steel EPQ Wires for Kitchenware and Baskets

Wickwire is a supplier of stainless steel wires in bright, as well as in matte finishes, suitable for a manufacturer of kitchenware and baskets made of stainless steel wire. This stainless steel mesh wire is commonly in grade of 304 and comes in various sizes. We provide wires with clean, bright surfaces, suitable for electropolishing.

Stainless Steel Rods

We carry a wide range of diameters and size openings in our stainless steel wire mesh line. Mesh can be used for caging, fencing, a variety of enclosures, and a myriad of industries.

stainless steel mesh wire

Spring Wire

We are suppliers of stainless steel spring wire in a variety of diameters. We also carry annealed finishes.

Wire for Medical Devices

Stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire rods are commonly used in a wide variety of medical devices. Some examples are:

  • Bassinets
  • Carts
  • Diagnostic applications
  • Medical equipment

Stainless steel mesh wire is valued for its stability, durability, and since it’s so easy to clean, it minimizes the risk of cross-infection. Wickwire Warehouse is one of the leading suppliers of steel wire/rods to the medical industry. We specialize in shipping to PA, NJ, and OH, as well as the rest of the nation.

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If you need to buy stainless steel wire at an affordable price and want it delivered quickly, contact the team at Wickwire Warehouse and place your order today. You’ll receive the top-notch products and experience the exceptional customer service that has kept us in the stainless steel mesh wire business for more than 70 years! Contact our stainless steel wire manufacturers now.