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Your Number 1 Steel Wire Distributor

We at Wickwire Warehouse/Parade Strapping and Baling are proud of the fact that for many decades we have maintained the highest standards of excellence. This has enabled us to become one of the leading distributors in the tri-state area. Customers from all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & Ohio have come to us because we have remained at the top of the industry for so many years, and they know that our products and services are reliable!

Wickwire Warehouse, Parade Strapping and Baling and United Roll Form are members of the Wire Fabricators Association (WFA), the Port Richmond Industrial Development Enterprise (PRIDE), the Manufacturers Alliance of Philadelphia (MAP) and the Urban Initiative.

Wickwire Warehouse/Parade Strapping and Baling and United Roll Form have been successful because they adhere closely to the principles spelled out in the company’s Mission Statement: “Our mission at Wickwire Warehouse/Parade Strapping and Baling is to help our customers excel in their marketplaces by providing them exceptional customer service and superior products. We will be the number one supplier of steel and recycling wire to those customers who prize speed of delivery and superior customer service.”

The company’s mission statement grew out the original owners’ desire to always put customer’s needs first. Whether you need baling wire, stainless steel wire or any of the myriad of products that our companies supply.  We know our growth is dependent on your growth. Thus, your needs will always be our number one priority.

For the future, Wickwire Warehouse, Parade Strapping and Baling, and United Roll Form plan to continue to grow the business geographically and to expand their sales teams to further penetrate the recycling industry and the OEM market. We are excited as we move further into the 21st century and we are looking forward to meeting more of our customer’s baling needs as well.

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Quote From The President

We’re not the biggest, we’re the best.

-Edward J. Foy, President of Wickwire

Quote From The President

Things that get measured, get improved.

-Edward J. Foy, President of Wickwire

Quote From The President

You can't sell from an empty basket, ours is always full.

-Edward J. Foy, President of Wickwire

We Are Quality Suppliers of…

  • Display Racks
  • Lamp Shades
  • Wire Forms
  • Brushes
  • Hangers
  • Baskets
  • Fences
  • Mats
  • Luggage
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Store Fixtures
  • Florist Supplies
  • Concrete Forms

Buy Steel Wire from the Areas #1 Distributer

We are committed to being your preferred steel wire supplier. We will assist you with our technical expertise to assure you with the consistent quality our customers have enjoyed for over 70 years. As a distributor, we are your source of supply for the difficult or small requirements that the mills are unable to supply. Wickwire/Parade can handle even the most complex demands a customer may have!

Customers always ask us how we are able to provide such fast and efficient services, but still meet the high standards set by the industry. Well, we are able to do so because we use precision wire straightening equipment and employ skilled operators who are dedicated to getting the job done on time, without incident. Customers have spread the word about our unmatched reliability and excellent customer service skills. Businesses in PA, OH, and NJ have repeatedly called on us to get the steel products they need, and of course we have met the challenge!