Bright Wire

Wickwire Warehouse distributes low carbon, bright steel wire that is suitable for plating, painting and other subsequent processes such as spot-welding, bending, cutting, and forming. Bright basic wire is processed by utilizing the optimum raw material (rod) size for the best reduction of area, to achieve the desired surface quality, tensile strength and mechanical properties

Bright basic wire, also referred to as BBW, is drawn from hot rolled rod. The rod is cold drawn through a die in order to produce a product with close dimensional tolerances, improved mechanical properties and a bright finish.  Bright basic wire may be used in a variety of applications including fasteners, components, baskets and displays. Common end uses are: grills, crafts, metal forms, rivets, nails, building panels, and structures.

If you require bright basic wire for your most “basic” needs, or something a bit more crucial, Wickwire Warehouse can meet your needs

We offer full size and grade range of bright basic wire, the bright basic wire we distribute ranges in diameters of .062-.375, Grades 1006-1008

Our bright basic wire is typically available on racks weighing 1500-2000 lbs. However, we can easily breakdown coils to 50 lbs and higher.

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