Auto Tie Wire-Boxed

Parade stocks auto tie wire in 10 Gauge,11 gauge and 12 Gauge in continuous coils (1200-1800 lbs carriers), 100 Pound or 50 Pound Boxes, Galvanized or Black Annealed. The 50 pound box wire is packaged 45 boxes per pallet and the 100 pound box is packaged 36 boxes per pallet.

This wire is utilized for auto continuous baling of recycled products such as plastics and textiles. Both the boxed wire and continuous coil wire are used primarily in automatic single ram balers. Galvanized Hi-Tensile Wire is available in coils on carriers and is primarily used in two ram balers. This baling wire is used with applications requiring superior elongation and strength.

See chart below for stock sizes.

auto tie