The Story of Stainless Steel

Unlike many other common building metals, such as bronze and iron, stainless steel is relatively new, having been invented only about a century ago. This month’s post will be dedicated to talking a little bit about the origins and history of stainless steel over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries. Continue reading

3 Uses for Galvanized Wire

Galvanized steel wire is a versatile wire that has undergone the chemical process of galvanization. Galvanization involves coating stainless steel wire with a protective, rust-preventive metal, such as zinc. Galvanized wire is strong, rust-resistant and multi-purposeful. It also comes in a variety of gauges.

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At Wickwire Warehouse Inc., we supply galvanized wire, and we have three great uses for it, too.

1. Protection

Many people purchase galvanized steel wire to protect their properties. Because galvanized steel wire is so durable, it can be easily utilized to create a fence around the perimeter of your home. Although cutting the wire is a labor-intensive, it is worth the effort for those who want added security.

A fence constructed of galvanized steel wire will deter both animals and thieves. In some instances, galvanized steel wire is also placed on the top of fences to deter people from climbing them.

2. Binding

Another use for galvanized steel wire is in the binding of construction materials. Because galvanized steel wire is so strong, it works excellent in the construction of homes and businesses. Many people use it on construction sites for either binding or baling the materials. This keeps them from just toppling over.

Galvanized steel wire is considered an all-weather material which makes it so popular among builders. A home built with galvanized steel wire also benefits from an added property value. Galvanized steel wire is often used in constructing large office buildings because of its unmatched strength.

3. Supportive

Galvanized steel wire is often used in applications where it’s important to support wall projections or paintings. Keeping art displays properly secured on walls is important for both the integrity of the piece and the safety of admirers.

Because of its high tensile strength, galvanized steel is also useful for homeowners who want to secure their expensive artwork or mirrors safely on their walls. Whether the wire is purchased in pre-cut sizes or whether it is cut at home, buyers everywhere support its wide range of uses.

How to Choose the Right Baling Wire

Stainless steel wire has numerous applications. Baling wire is a form of stainless steel wire that comes in a variety of forms and compositions. Baling wire is designed to accommodate specific machines or purposes, which is why it’s important to understand your options before making a decision. The strength and quality of whatever baling wire you choose determines how efficiently it secures the bale in question. At Wickwire Warehouse Inc., we carry a wide selection of stainless steel wire, including single loop bale ties.

If you are dealing with vertical balers, then single loop bale ties will often do the trick. To use single loop bale ties, simply feed the wire manually and tie it in place. For this application, it’s important to purchase high quality flexible wire because you don’t want it to break off when you’re securing it in place. Wickwire Warehouse Inc. provides single loop bale ties that are ideal for bundles of plastic, clothing, metal, and paper. Our single loop bale ties can even be cut according to your length preference so that there’s little waste.

Black annealed box wire is another form of baling wire that is popular because of its practical application, as well. This wire usually has a thin coat of oil applied to its surface so that it moves seamlessly through whatever baling machine it’s put through. The oil serves as a protective coating and will prevent it from accumulating rust. In addition, it provides it with an overall durability to withstand wear and tear. Black annealed box wire tends to be more expensive than other kinds of stainless steel wire, but it always exceeds customer expectations. Many people choose black annealed box wire when they want a durable wire that can hold up to machine demands.

Galvanized stem wires are usually wrapped around carriers and are used in two-ram balers. This kind of wire is easy to use because you simply feed the materials through the machine. Galvanized stem wires are created from high-tensile wire so they’re resilient and rugged.

At Wickwire Warehouse Inc., we provide a huge selection of stainless steel wire for a multitude of purposes. When you need to find baling wire, stainless steel wire mesh or stainless steel mesh wire products, contact our customer service team and find out how we can help.

Why Stainless Steel Wire is a Versatile Commercial Material

Most people think about stainless steel in terms of refrigerators or sinks. But, did you know that stainless steel has a number of other applications, as well? Stainless steel has qualities that make it an ideal choice of material for a variety of commercial and industrial uses. At Wickwire Warehouse Inc., you can choose from a huge selection of stainless steel wire that is designed to support a wide range of customer needs. Our stainless steel wire is available for customers who want a material that can be utilized in their commercial businesses, so we work hard to deliver the products they require.

Many forms of stainless steel wire are made from a high molecular weight, coupled with a high density polyethylene insulator. This is part of the reason why it has so many uses in commercial and industrial applications. Stainless steel wire is an alloy of iron and has at least 10 percent chromium in its composition. The chromium is what gives the stainless steel an oxide surface and is what helps it resist corrosion. For those businesses, such as hospitals, that use stainless steel shelving and racking, it’s important to have a material that can withstand the test of time.

Finding quality stainless steel wire suppliers shouldn’t be difficult. At Wickwire Warehouse Inc., we provide our commercial and industrial customers with a huge selection of stainless steel wire that can be used in numerous environments. Since it doesn’t rust, you can count on for both outdoor and underground applications. There’s no need to worry about moisture, chemicals, grime, or dirt when you use stainless steel wire. It’s long-lasting and durable. When you need stainless steel wire mesh, call Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Our stainless steel wire has excellent tensile strength as well as superior dielectric properties.

Call us and find out what we can do to help you find the exact stainless steel wire for your business needs. Whether you need stainless steel wire for your hospital or need it for another commercial establishment, we can provide you with the right materials in a timely manner.