What Bale Ties Should I Buy?

Most warehouse, large retail store, and manufacturing operators are very familiar with their company’s baler. The machine itself condenses cardboard, aluminum, paper, and plastics into blocks ready to be palletized, stored, and sent away. You might not have realized that you could increase operational efficiency by making sure you use the right bale ties to […]

  • April 09, 2021
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Stainless Steel 101: A Brief History

stainless steel products of different shapes and sizes

More often than not, we take stainless steel for granted. It’s present in many of the products we use in our day-to-day lives, and yet it is so nondescript and unseen that most of us are not even aware that it’s there when we are using it. In addition, even those who do utilize it […]

  • January 29, 2021
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Why Are Bale Ties Essential?

When it comes to rubbish, the general public doesn’t think twice about what happens on an industrial scale. We throw our garbage in bins, sort our recycling out, and try to minimize waste — but anyone who works in a warehouse-like environment knows the importance of the baler. Whereas most unsorted waste goes into landfills, […]

  • December 21, 2020
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Benefits of Using Stainless Steel in Fencing

Finding the right materials to build fences for your commercial or residential customers doesn’t have to be difficult. If you haven’t considered stainless steel for your projects, the advantages of this metal may surprise you. Stainless steel is quite popular for modern designs, adding an industrial edge to new buildings and giving both home and […]

  • November 23, 2020
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The Importance of Wire Gauge

When doing an electrical project, knowing the wire gauge is important in determining your wires’ ampacity, or how much electric current a wire can carry without being damaged. A wire gauge measures a wire’s cross-sectional area using the American Wire Gauge System’s AWG number. There are up to 40 different gauge sizes featuring cross-sectional areas […]

  • October 19, 2020
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A Brief Guide for Tying Baling Wire

Whether manually tying baling wire or using a machine, always wear protective eyewear, thick work gloves, and proper clothing to avoid getting hurt by snap-backs or sudden breakages. In addition, be aware that the lower quality of baling wire you use, the more likely it might snap while tying it or break after you have […]

  • September 17, 2020
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How the Restaurant Industry Utilizes Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an important component in the food industry. It’s used from the production of food in an industrial setting through the service of the food to the customers. There are many different components and pieces of equipment that are made with it, and not all of these are the same.

  • August 18, 2020
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Fun Facts About Steel Strapping

Businesses that use steel strapping regularly probably don’t think much about the tools of their trade. After all, when you’re packaging large amounts of material for transportation or storage, there are things like worker safety, logistics, and proper care for your baling machines to consider.

  • July 16, 2020
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How Can You Use Stainless Steel in Food Production?

There are some industries where it isn’t surprising that someone might need to buy stainless steel wire. If you own a farm or are working in the recycling business, it’s essential to keep high-grade wire in stock, because it plays a vital role in your daily operations. However, what might be surprising is that stainless […]

  • June 11, 2020
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