How the Construction Industry Uses Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is one of the most prevalent materials available for construction use. It is available in multiple sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and strengths — perfect for any kind of construction project!

Here is a brief rundown of how wire mesh is beneficial to the construction industry.

What is Wire Mesh?

As the name implies, wire mesh is produced by welding wires of different lengths and thicknesses in a crisscross pattern to form a screen. Stainless steel is the most popular material used to create wire mesh because it is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Where is Wire Mesh Used?

Suppliers will send stainless steel wire mesh out to multiple types of construction projects, including:

  • Infrastructure projects: highways, bridges, manhole chambers, tunnels, parking lots
  • Commercial applications: office buildings, arenas
  • Residential buildings: houses, basements, garages
  • Agricultural projects: swimming pools, irrigation pools

Why is Wire Mesh Used?

Safety: Wire mesh provides strength to support surfaces, walls, and construction materials, as well as additional weight or traffic, once they are set in place. For example, wire mesh is used in roadway and bridge paving for extra structure. It can also hold up tunnel walls.

Stability: Along the same lines, the consistency of wire mesh provides stability that would otherwise be lacking. This is one of the main reasons why wire mesh is used in cement floors and foundations.

Durability: A slab of concrete supported by wire mesh is much stronger than a standalone slab of concrete. In many cases, it is stronger than rebar. Additionally, rust and corrosion resistance means it will last longer than non-wire mesh products.

Wire mesh is an invaluable construction material with dozens of applications. If you are on the market for a stainless steel wire supplier in PA, get in touch with an expert over at Wickwire Warehouse Inc.