The Advantages of Black Steel Strapping

Wickwire Warehouse Inc., leading steel wire suppliers in Ohio and surrounding states, is proud to provide the highest quality materials for all industrial needs.

One of Parade Strapping and Baling’s most popular products on the market is black steel strapping. Numerous industries, such as transportation and security, enjoy the benefits black steel strapping has to offer. 

Safe Transportation

Whatever type of business you’re in, the safe transportation of commercial and consumer products is a serious matter. Unsecured shipments have the ability to move around and bump into other packages, possibly causing cargo damage and costing your business thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Using the wrong kind of strapping will have a similar effect. 

Black steel strapping is one of the toughest strappings in the industry. If you’re transporting heavy-duty items, don’t think twice about securing your cargo with black steel strapping. 

Durable Material

Black steel strapping is manufactured from different steel alloys, making this strapping material the most durable of all. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of using black steel strapping is that it has the highest break strength. This strapping is essentially impossible to break without using some form of tool. 

No matter what size or weight load you’re shipping, black steel strapping will keep your goods safe, provided no other factors cause harm to them. 

Resistant to UV Light

If your products are going to sit in the sunlight for long periods of time, make sure they’re only banded with black steel strapping. Unlike other strapping materials, like plastic or polyester, which will fall apart under the duress of hot temperatures and UV light, black steel strapping is a durable material that won’t be affected. 

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. and Parade Strapping and Baling offer customized solutions for all baling wire and black steel strapping needs. Choose from a variety of strengths, including regular duty and high tensile, and sizes for your black steel strappings. Take a look at Parade’s steel strapping tools and accessories here!