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Black Steel Strapping/Plastic Strapping

At Wickwire Warehouse / Parade Strapping and Baling we source the world over to give you the highest quality materials. We stock black steel strapping and plastic strapping in our Philadelphia, PA warehouse. This allows for quick delivery both in PA, NJ and Ohio. We can also ship overnight to most of the East Coast and cities in the Midwest. Our black steel strapping is available in both regular duty, high tensile, oscillated, and ribbon wound, while our plastic strapping is available in polyester and polypropylene finishes. Plastic strapping is also available in white, yellow, green, and black colors. Plastic is used many times as a cost saving measure versus black steel strapping. Please consult with our experts to see find the most cost efficient method for your business.

Black steel strapping has a wide variety of uses. Some of the most common are, bundling pipes together for shipment, reinforcing wooden or corrugated boxes, and securing coils of steel or paper. This is just a small sample of the wide variety of uses for black steel strapping, banding and strapping supplies. Space does not permit us to list the wide variety of uses for this product. If you can imagine it, strapping can be used. We stock a complete inventory of black steel strapping and banding products.

Wickwire Warehouse / Parade Strapping and Baling inventory a wide variety of products. In addition to our strapping products we stock stainless steel rods and baling wire for primarily shipping in PA, NJ, MD, DE, OH and across the country. Also, for those customers who want to buy stainless steel wire we have an extensive inventory to choose from.

Please see our stock list below. We also stock a complete component of tools and accessories.


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Quote From The President

We’re not the biggest, we’re the best.

-Edward J. Foy, President of Wickwire

Quote From The President

Things that get measured, get improved.

-Edward J. Foy, President of Wickwire

Quote From The President

You can't sell from an empty basket, ours is always full.

-Edward J. Foy, President of Wickwire

Wickwire Warehouse / Parade Strapping and Baling is a member of the Wire Fabricators Association (WFA), the Port Richmond Industrial Development Enterprise (PRIDE), the Manufacturers Alliance of Philadelphia (MAP) and the Urban Initiative. Parade Strapping and Baling was added to the Wickwire Warehouse family of companies in 2007. This new purchase was integrated into the 75,000-sq. ft. warehouse purchased by Foy in 2005. All acquisitions were consolidated into the location in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Today, the current warehouse is still located at 3300 Tulip Street in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond area.

Wickwire Warehouse/Parade Strapping and Baling

have been successful because they adhere closely to the principles spelled out in the company’s Mission Statement: “Our mission at Wickwire Warehouse/Parade Strapping and Baling is to help our customers excel in their marketplaces by providing them exceptional customer service and superior products. We will be the number one supplier of steel and recycling wire to those customers who prize speed of delivery and superior customer service.”

For the future, Wickwire/Parade Warehouse plans to grow the business geographically and to expand its sales team to further penetrate the recycling industry and the OEM market. The company is ideally positioned to take advantage of the current positive business environment. Wickwire Warehouse/Parade Strapping and Baling’s experienced employees are looking forward to all the challenges and excitement that the company’s future growth represents.