The Different Uses of Baling Wire

Baling wire attached to wooden post o

Baling wire made of soft iron or steel has significant tensile strength but is still easy to bend and tie. It’s typically available in sizes ranging from 11ga to 14ga, galvanized or coated, to suit the wide variety of applications for which it’s used, including mending fences, fixing equipment, and making clotheslines and hangers. Its major purpose has been baling, creating bales of hay, and gathering other products and materials.

Traditional Uses of Baling Wire

Soft metal baling wire gained popularity for its use in baling hay, particularly at high speeds as part of an automated process where the wire is quickly wrapped and joined. Beginning in the 1970s, specialized baling twine became available that served the purpose better; however baling wire had already found many other niches and, even today, it remains a popular item. It’s used in performing impromptu repairs around the farm, ranch, or another rural setting where it’s readily available.

Industrial Uses of Baling Wire

While the use of baling wire to bale hay may be declining, its use in baling recyclables has expanded rapidly. Recycling machinery uses compression followed by wrapping with baling wire to create dense, compact bundles of items, including used clothing, plastics, cardboard, and papers. Baling wire is also useful in environments where tape and shrink wrap aren’t effective packaging materials due to high heat and other environmental factors. Stainless steel wire is used when additional strength and heat resistance are required.

Arts and Crafts, Fishing, and Home Uses

Probably also born on the farm or ranch, baling wire is a popular craft material, used both to assemble projects and as an art material in its own right. Fishermen and other outdoorsmen find it handy to organize items by stringing them together and to make repairs in the woods.


As a type of metal string, baling wire is perfect for many repairs that involve wrapping and tightening, such as holding fence components together and repairing boat docks. Galvanized wire is perfect for outdoor use. Specialized wire twisting pliers are available to help make quick repairs.

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