Why You Should Always Be Using Gloves When Handling Baling Wire

Here at Wickwire Warehouse Inc., our company has a large inventory of black and galvanized single loop bale ties in Philadelphia, PA. These are used for baling bundles of clothing, metal, paper, plastic, and a considerable variety of recyclable materials. If your business has everyday uses for baling wire, you must look for the safest possible way to use this material. One item that is paramount when handling baling wire is a good pair of gloves.

However, because there are so many different types of gloves available, you may not know which are the best gloves to use. Below is some information regarding the types of gloves available on the market, and you can use this information to evaluate which gloves meet your specific needs.

Handler Gloves

Supertouch handler gloves help to get the job done when using baling wire. These gloves have a latex palm, which is excellent for jobs that require a decent grip. Additionally, the back of these gloves is uncoated, making it possible for your hands to breathe.

Safety Gloves

One type of glove that we recommend is Polyco grip safety gloves. These are a popular choice as they are high grip gloves that are useful across a range of mechanical environments. They are ideal for use in medium risk industries and when working on precision tasks. Safety gloves also offer light resistance to oil and water. This can be a great bonus depending on your industry or working conditions.

Ultra-Safety Gloves

For extra protection from a pair of gloves, we recommend purchasing ultra-safety gloves. These are some of the most versatile work gloves available on the market. They offer protection against scratches, abrasion, and dirt, as well as provide a high level of tear resistance. These gloves are suitable for maintenance, construction, and a myriad of other purposes.

Foam Gloves

If you require exceptional durability and comfort, you should consider purchasing a pair of foam gloves. These safety items have enhanced abrasion resistance, high dexterity, and are often competitively priced.

Full Dip Gloves

For protection against a range of hazards, full dip gloves offer enhanced abrasion resistance.

There are several protective gloves designed specifically for handling baling wire. Ultimately, it boils down to your industry, budget, and preferences.

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