3 Interesting Facts About Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

If you didn’t know, stainless steel wire mesh is a kind of metal screen that is made of intersecting columns and parallel rows. The wires are joined together by either weaving or joining, and it’s often used in both residential and commercial applications. Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is one of the most trusted distributors of stainless […]

  • November 20, 2017
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The Storied History of Baling Wire

In the modernized world, baling wire is an absolute essential. Spanning continents, farms, businesses, municipalities, and industries, baling wire brings its strength, malleability, and versatility to any application. Crucial as it is today, baling wire is certainly not an innovation; but rather, a storied, and invaluable resource—evolving with every passing year. The Advent of the […]

  • October 16, 2017
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Did You Know These 5 Facts About Galvanised Wire?

Strong, durable, affordable, galvanized wire is an essential commodity for those who work in the construction all the way to the recycling industry. But wait, what is galvanized wire? If you are unsure if this type of wire will work for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is the east […]

  • September 22, 2017
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Wickwire Warehouse is Now a Proud Authorized Distributor for Orbit Metals

Have you heard? Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is proud to join forces with auto tie/boxed baling wire, and hi-tensile galvanized wire specialists, Orbit Metals! Collectively, we plan on bringing together our company’s greatest strengths to continue serving our customers the highest quality stainless steel wire products on the market today. When Wickwire first heard the news […]

  • August 30, 2017
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How to Choose the Right Baling Wire for Your Needs?

From mending fences to binding together bales of hay, baling wire is an essential commodity to those in the recycling, construction, and farming industry. Over the years we have heavily relied on this strong and durable wire to fasten and hold together a wide variety of materials for our personal as well as commercial benefit. […]

  • August 09, 2017
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Tips to Help Extend the Life of Stainless Steel Wire

Everyone loves the look of classic stainless steel, and businesses love the strength and beauty that stainless steel rods can bring to their products. However, with the rising price of nickel (and by extension, stainless steel), maintaining and extending the life of the material is one of the top concerns for businesses that incorporate stainless steel […]

  • July 06, 2017
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3 Facts About Baling Wire You May Not Have Known

Baling wire first hit the scene in the late 1800’s and was primarily used in the agricultural industry. One of its first uses was to secure bundles of hay on farms, but the bundling process was far from perfect. Baling wire wasn’t as durable back then and would chip off, running farmers the risk of […]

  • June 08, 2017
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