Choose Our Stainless Steel Wire, Reap The Benefits It Provides

Almost everyone’s heard about stainless steel or owned something made from this remarkable material. However, not everyone knows how it’s created and used, and why it’s the material of choice for many businesses in the agricultural and recycling industries, etc.

If you just opened a new business that manufactures products for medical facilities, kitchens, and food processing plants, you may have overlooked the advantages that stainless steel (wire) brings. To help you better understand what you will be getting, and to see what purchasing it can do for your business, here is a brief overview of this remarkable material:

Why is it called “stainless” steel?

This material is named “stainless” steel simply because of its amazing and rare ability to resist corrosion and stains. One of the reasons why it doesn’t corrode is because it contains chromium, a very hard metal that’s known for its own ability to resist corrosion and maintain its lustrous appearance. Other common components of stainless steel can include nitrogen and nickel, which also increase its corrosion resistant properties.

What are the benefits of choosing this corrosion resistant material?

Well, of course, the biggest benefit of choosing stainless steel is that it won’t corrode, but another big reason many home appliance manufacturers choose it is because it’s resistant to high temperatures. Lastly, other huge benefits of choosing it is that it’s strong, durable, and easy to clean. So, if you plan on manufacturing products for medical facilities, kitchens, or food processing plants, you can take pride in the fact that your products will last for years down the road, and will help to prevent the spread of infections and diseases.

Whatever your thoughts were on stainless steel, we hope that you have a better understanding of what it is, and the benefits that it offers. Plus, if you’re environmentally conscious, you may be happy to know that it’s 100% recyclable.

At Wickwire Warehouse, Inc., we offer stainless steel wire and mesh, steel strapping, baling wire, and much more. To learn more about our stainless steel wire products and the benefits they offer, please browse our site, call, or email us at any time.

Why You Need Wickwire Warehouse Inc.’s Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Did you ever wonder why stainless steel wire mesh is used by businesses and individuals in many industries all over the world?

Stainless steel wire mesh, which has certainly evolved into anything but a remarkable product, is utilized because it is durable and strong. Plus, if you require a product that will not corrode, is resistant to harsh chemicals, and will require absolutely nothing to protect it, our stainless steel wire mesh is exactly what you need.

Stainless steel wire mesh is also:

  • Able to stay strong against very high temperatures.
  • Easy to clean, and will maintain its aesthetic appeal long after it has been exposed to various weather conditions.
  • Cost-effective.

Who uses this exceptional product the most and what for?

The agricultural and construction industries use it the most, and some of the most common uses include packing and protection. In fact, there has been several instances where it has been used to help increase security and prevent pests, rodents, and other animals from entering areas that cannot risk being contaminated with germs they bring.

When it all comes down to, using stainless steel wire mesh comes with many benefits, and its uses are nearly endless.

If you can imagine it, you can probably do it!

If you’re in the market for some stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel rods, or any other products, you will not be disappointed with our inventory. We have:

  • Regular stainless steel wire available in coil or straightened.
  • Bright wire that will prove ideal for welding and bending.
  • Galvanized wire available annealed, medium, or hard temper.
  • Mechanics wire wound on metal spools.
  • Tinned wire available with excellent finishes.
  • Black Annealed that can be cut to size or straightened.

As wire suppliers that ship products to OH, PA, NJ, DE, and many other states all over the country, we know our clients want the best; that’s why we have given them the best for over five decades! To learn more about the wire products we manufacture and sell, please browse our site, give us a call, or fill out a contact form on our site.

Why You Should Choose Wickwire Warehouse Inc.’s Steel Strapping

What do you look for in steel strapping?

If you’re in the market for some great steel strapping, it’s likely that you are because you need to store or ship products. Plus, you probably want something that will help to extend the life of the products you are storing or shipping, keep them safe, and keep everything together in bundles so they can be easily retrieved and/or moved. Inevitably, as a company that manufactures and sells steel strapping, we know that you’re probably looking for a material that will not only provide security, but that will prevent products from falling and breaking, as well as possibly injuring someone.

Why You Should Choose Our Steel Strapping

If it’s quality strapping you want—you will get it from us. What’s more, not only do we offer steel strapping, but we also have plastic strapping that can easily be delivered from our state-of-the-art warehouse in Philadelphia, PA. Additionally, if you want black strapping, you will be pleased to know that is available oscillated, in high tensile, regular duty, and ribbon wound.

Our strapping can be used in any way you desire.

Many clients use our strapping to bundle pipes together, reinforce corrugated boxes, and secure coils of paper or steel. Inevitably, you will find that there is not one thing that our strapping will be unable to do for you.

When it all comes down to it, we are your ideal steel and plastic strapping provider, and you can rest assured that our products will not disappoint. To learn more about our steel and plastic strapping, please click here.

Here at Wickwire Warehouse Inc., there is no doubt that we take a lot of pride in all of the products we supply. Not only are they quality products, but they are made by individuals who are passionate about the wire industry. Plus, over the past several decades, we have served a countless number of clients all over the country who can stand firmly behind the quality of the products we produce. To learn more about why you should choose our steel strapping or buy our stainless steel wire, please browse our site, or give us a call at any time.

Why Should You Use Baling Wire?

Here at Wickwire Warehouse, we offer an assortment of baling wire through our Parade Strapping and Baling division. Specifically, we provide single loop baling wire, auto tie baling wire, and boxed auto tie wire. If you’ve never had the pleasure of ordering and using our baling wire, or baling wire, in general, you may be wondering why you should.

Why should you use baling wire?

For those who don’t know, baling wire is formed from steel that’s been annealed (heated and then cooled for a particular duration.) So, it’s not only strong, but it’s more malleable than other wire. Therefore, it will be perfect for anyone who needs a strong wire that will hold up under pressure. What’s more, it won’t cost you a ton of money to acquire because making it is relatively simple. So, if you’re in the market for some reliable wire that will not break easily, baling wire is exactly what you need.

How is baling wire supplied?

Typically, baling wire can be shipped to a client in the form that they need. The weight and diameter can often be customized, although we here at Wickwire Warehouse have diameters from 11 to 15 gauges, and the max length we have is 21 feet.

When it all comes down to it, there are many reasons why you should consider baling wire:

  • It’s quality wire!
  • It’s sturdy!
  • It’s versatile!

Plus, even though it was originally used, and is still used by the agricultural industry, it can be used by packagers, recyclers, municipalities, and retailers. In fact, we have provided our single loop baling wire, auto tie baling wire, and boxed auto tie wire to many clients who work in each and every one of those industries. So, if you are looking for a company that not only makes baling wire but has experience packaging up and shipping baling wire out to many types of clients, we are your company!

At Wickwire Warehouse, we take pride in offering reliable and quality baling wire, steel strapping, stainless steel wire, and many other products. To learn more about our products and what we can do, please browse our site, or give us a call at any time.

A Brief Look at the History of Baling Wire and How it is Used Today

As stainless steel wire distributors, we know how important baling wire has become for a variety of industries and people. In fact, many people choose it for its versatility, malleability, and strength. While many of you might think that baling wire is a relatively new product, the fact of the matter is that it has been used for decades. However, baling wire as you know it is much more advanced than it was when it was first utilized in the 1800s.

What was the first industry to use baling wire?

In the beginning, baling wire was made for those who worked in the agricultural industry, and they primarily used it to secure bundles of hay. The only thing back then was that the wire was not as sturdy as it is today, and there were many instances where it snapped and caused harm to people or animals.

Baling Wire Today

As the years progressed, baling wire was refined, and became more like what we know it as today. These days, baling wire is used by more than just the agricultural industry—it is used by those in the industrial industry to package a variety of products, the recycling and waste industries, and the construction industry.

Additionally, baling wire is used for many other purposes besides packaging, and can even be used to galvanize other metals. In the end, baling wire has a variety of uses, and people utilize it for both professional and personal purposes.

Even though baling wire has changed over the years, there is no denying that its value has NOT diminished. In all, it is a great product!

Luckily, technology has allowed us to create baling wire that is more durable than ever, and lasts much longer than it ever has. Here at Wickwire Warehouse, we provide our high-quality baling wire to a number of clients in different industries, and you can rest assured that we have plenty of it available. We even have a large inventory of both galvanized and black single loop bale ties. If you would like to learn more about the industries we have served, or our baling wire, please browse our site or give us a call at any time!

Is it Possible for Stainless Steel to Stain?

While stainless steel is certainly a remarkable material that has been proven to resist stains and corrosion, there are, unfortunately, some instances where you might find that it has stained. So, if you are wondering if it is 100% stain-proof, it isn’t, but whether or not it does stain will be entirely up to how well you keep it clean.

Stainless steel is low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean it requires no maintenance.

You can help your stainless steel wire have a long life by first guaranteeing that you order the type that best suits your needs. Plus, regular cleaning should not be neglected. After all, if you work in the food industry, we would hope that you do what you can to clean your ovens!

Why is performing regular maintenance important?

Like a lot of materials out there, stainless steel is subject to what we call “surface contamination.” In other words, after wear and tear, and/or after an extended period of absolutely no cleaning, surface deposits may form. What’s more, the more aggressive the environment, the more deposits you will see. And, although any stains or deposits you see will not affect the stainless steel’s structural integrity, it will not look pretty!

Aside from the environment, the frequency in which you clean the stainless steel will also be dependent on where the stainless steel is positioned, as well as its structure and surface design. If you do take the initiative to clean stainless steel, you will be pleased to know that it will not wear the material out. In fact, the more often you clean it, the longer it will thrive, and the better it will look!

When it all comes down to it, some maintenance will be better than no maintenance!

Plus, if the thought of seeing a stain on a material that is known to be remarkable sounds awful, cleaning it as needed is key. To learn more about stainless steel wire, steel strapping, or any of the products that we provide here at Wickwire Warehouse Inc., please feel free to browse through our site, or give us a call.





What is So Great About Stainless Steel?

Many people have heard of stainless steel and have likely used it in some way, form, or shape throughout their lives. However, a couple of questions might remain: what is it, and why is it so great? Well, as long-time suppliers of stainless steel wires, you can believe us when we tell that it is nothing short of a remarkable material!

For those of you who don’t know, there are many benefits of using stainless steel to create a wide variety of materials.

First off, this material is aptly named because it has a rare ability to resist corrosion and stains. The main reason stainless steel is impervious to corrosion is because it contains chromium, which is a very hard metal known for its ability to maintain its lustrous appearance and also resist corrosion. Other common components of stainless still include iron and carbon.

In addition to being corrosion resistant, stainless steel is also resistant to high temperatures. Therefore, this is why there has been a big boom in stainless steel appliances. Here at Wickwire, we even offer stainless steel wires that can be used effectively in industrial baking ovens, conveyor ovens, and drying ovens.

Last, but not least, another big benefit of stainless steel is that it is incredibly strong and durable So, not only will it look great for years down the road (if you take proper care of the product or appliance) it will last you a long time.

If you truly want to make the best products possible, stainless steel wires, bars, or tubing, etc., are exactly what you need to get your hands on!

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, low maintenance and all-around good-looking material that is preferred over many others. You can make wire, sheets, bars, tubing and plates which thus makes it ideal for creating appliances, surgical instruments, cookware, and much more. In all, stainless steel is truly one of the most remarkable materials made today, and if you need stainless steel wire, you can count on us to acquire it!

To learn more about our stainless steel wire, please browse through our website, or give us a call at any time.