Steel Strapping: What It’s Used for and How It’s Made

For businesses looking to buy stainless steel wire and steel strapping products, we’ve been supplying high-quality, competitively priced materials for over 70 years. Steel strapping is the process in which metal straps are bound to boxes, structures, or other items to secure them so that they do not move.

Stainless Steel Strapping

Stainless steel is the most popular material for metal strapping. This material can be produced in a range of sizes, all of which are welded and shaped to adhere to the specifications of the product that the strapping will be used to secure.

It’s incredibly tensile, meaning that it can hold very tough objects without stretching. However, if the steel does break, it will become obsolete and ineffective. It would take a significant amount of pressure to break the straps, and they will not simply bend and continue to function.

Uses for Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is commonly used to bundle together durable steel coils, pavers and bricks, roll end binding, baling wire, and other metals. Other common uses for steel straps include:

  • Helping to secure packaged glass to make sure that it stays locked in place, so no scratches, damages, or breaks occur. 
  • Securing wide loads inside large containers like trailers, boxcars, and semi-trailers. 
  • Tightly closing metal shipping containers and corrugated storage boxes. 
  • Locking items into place on top of crates and pallets. 
  • Securing smaller things, like books, small packages, newspapers, paper, tools, etc., for handling and shipping.

Joining Process

When a company has decided what they’re securing and what type of strap they plan to use, the strap is tensioned to the highest level, and then sealed to itself. For thinner straps, ideal for heavier, tougher, and larger equipment and jobs, a hammer can be used to seal the strap to itself. However, if the strap is a little thicker, the sealing process usually is best done using a crimp and seal, welding, or using a joint notch. 

Alternatively, the metal straps can be joined by galvanizing. This involves coating the layer of iron or steel with a layer of zinc for protection. This process will secure the strap while protecting It against corrosion at the same time.

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