What Bale Ties Should I Buy?

Most warehouse, large retail store, and manufacturing operators are very familiar with their company’s baler. The machine itself condenses cardboard, aluminum, paper, and plastics into blocks ready to be palletized, stored, and sent away. You might not have realized that you could increase operational efficiency by making sure you use the right bale ties to secure your bales. Read on to find out why and discover how to correctly size your baler.

Why Sizing Baling Wire is So Important

Getting a lighter gauge or reducing the length of each tie doesn’t just save costs instantly, but it also means your team spends less time on tying off and trimming each bale. When you have the perfect amount of baling wire for each bundle, pre-measured and ready to go — you reduce waste and improve the figure on your bottom line at the end of the year.

Get the Measurements

Firstly, you’ll need to measure your bales to find out what you’re working with. Bear in mind that it’s crucial to train each staff member to load the machine in a uniform way. Ensuring the bale is as consistent as possible means the tie will be the right size for each bundle. If you use a horizontal baler, you’ll need to measure width and length, while a vertical baler requires height and width measurements.

Establish the Average Weight of Each Bale

Weight is just as important as the measurements. To get an accurate number and make sure your staff is using the baler consistently, measure several bales. If there’s more than around 10-pounds variation between each one, it’s time to re-train!

Consider Expansion

Keep in mind that the material you condense plays a crucial role in the size of the finished bundle. If you work with several materials, consider getting a range of bale tie sizes. Whereas the expansion of paper or cardboard doesn’t make much difference, plastic is likely to expand. This might also affect the bale tie finish that you opt for.

Count Your Wires

Finally, so we can work out which gauge is most appropriate for your needs, we’ll need to know how many wires your baler uses.

Bale Ties in Pennsylvania

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