The Benefits of High-Quality Baling Wire in The Recycling Industry

Baling wire is used regularly in the recycling industry and is essential for keeping recycling facilities running smoothly. When recycling companies compact their recycling materials, they use baling wire to keep the baled materials from falling apart. No matter the size of the facility or the type of balers they use, baling wire is required to keep balers working properly. While some facilities choose to purchase cheap low-quality baling wire in an effort to save on overhead costs, they usually realize that low-quality wire ends up costing them more in the long run.Pic
Take a look at how high-quality baling wire can benefit your business and help you cut down on your overhead costs.


When recycling facilities choose to buy low-quality baling wire, they run the risk of their wire bundles being inconsistent. The inconsistency of the baling wire can vary among suppliers, but in general, facilities will notice that either the gauge, length, strength, or count per bundle to be irregular with lower quality wires. Instead of hassling with flimsy baling wire, recycling facilities should always purchase high-quality steel wire to ensure that their wire has the correct elongation, tensile strength, and count per bundle.


The main purpose of baling wire is for it to be durable enough to handle the pressure of holding condensed recycling materials together without causing bales to become deformed or break apart. Purchasing low-quality baling wire that is inconsistent in length and strength will definitely come back to haunt you when it comes time to tie your baled materials together. Inconsistencies in the length of baling wire make it impossible for each bale to scratch at the same rate, which ends up making the wire less durable and prone to breakage. When you choose to purchase baling wire made from high-quality steel like our single loop baling wire or auto tie wire, you can trust that they won’t stretch or snap under pressure.


One of the issues recycling facilities face that use low-quality baling wire is running into the wire damaging their expensive recycling equipment. Damaged machinery means costly equipment repairs and downtime for your business. While low-quality wire is prone to breaking, a high-quality baling wire can save you money on your overhead costs by not having to buy new wire as often.

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