Wickwire Warehouse is Now a Proud Authorized Distributor for Orbit Metals

Have you heard?

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is proud to join forces with auto tie/boxed baling wire, and hi-tensile galvanized wire specialists, Orbit Metals! Collectively, we plan on bringing together our company’s greatest strengths to continue serving our customers the highest quality stainless steel wire products on the market today.

When Wickwire first heard the news that Orbit Metals was expanding globally, we had to get in touch with their leader, as our company’s demands continue to grow. Wickwire saw two major incentives in its decision to bring Orbit Metals products on board.

  1. Orbit Metals is a China-based enterprise operating out of Tianjin, a major port city in the country. They produce a wide variety of the highest quality bale tie wire for the growing demand of the wire’s essential packaging benefits across many industries. Throughout the world, Orbit Metals’ wire products are well-recognized and sold to many recycling, construction, and manufacturing companies for their reliability, durability, and quality. All of Orbit Metals’ values align perfectly with those we have established at Wickwire, and we are incredibly grateful to become an authorized dealer of their products.
  2. China holds the number one spot as the biggest manufacturing country in the world. Therefore, the convenience and cost efficiency of dealing with another major manufacturer for our wire needs was the best solutions for our company at this time.
  3. Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has plans to enter the recycling industry one day and grow our business geographically, so why not start now by expanding our product line with auto tie/boxed baling wire and hi-tensile galvanized wire specialists, Orbit Metals?
  4. Finally, we knew that we wanted to partner with Orbit Metals due to the fact the company was very competitively priced because of its many established relationships with major steel and wire suppliers in China. Customer satisfaction and quality are at both of our companies forefronts, and we cannot wait to see where this partnership takes us in the future.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. continues to be Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the nation’s number one steel strapping and baling wire supplier, amongst many more wire products. To learn more about our company and product line, please browse our site!